The lawyer and head of prison (ret.) Dr. Thomas Galli studied law at the University of Regensburg and achieved a Master of Arts degree in criminology additional to his Bachelor of Science degree in psychology.

He began his professional career as a lawyer and quickly found his way into the penal system, accumulating 15 years of work experience in the field. In 2013, he became prison warden of the JVA Zeithain and was temporarily put in charge of a second facility in Torgau. During this period, he represented the province Saxony at the national convention of prison wardens and later manned a position as assistant lecturer at the Bavarian university of applied sciences, where he held lectures on criminal and administrative law as well as public service law.

Apart from his own publications he has contributed to the commentary of the penal law (edited by Feest/Lesting/Lindemann) as an assistant annotator and has sparked public debates with his vocal demands for reforms of the German penal system.

Further publications.

In 2016, Dr. Galli reassumed the profession of a lawyer and became an important member of the lawyers-association in Augsburg

Helmut Riedl can already look back on a long career as a lawyer and has worked with people who have escaped repression, war and humanitarian crisis in their native country for decades.

He also counsels and represents foreigners when it comes to legal issues concerning nationality or residence (work permit, marriage etc.). His successful effort to prevent a ban on the night-time sale of food at snack bars brought him national publicity and he has become well known even beyond the city of Augsburg.

For more than 20 years Riedl has been a member of the Legal Advisers Conference on Charities and of the UNHCR, as well as being a member of the Augsburg Bar Association.

Elisabeth Galli works as a lawyer in the chancellery Dr. Galli & Riedl after her employment in the legal department of a medium-sized business and her lecturing engagement at a university of applied sciences.

Working for a German-Italian chancellery in Munich and Milan she has also gained valuable experience on an international basis and became a prestigious member of the German-Italian jurist union.

Sharing offices with:

Alexander Mathias Wilhelm  has earned his degree in jurisprudence as well as completed his internship in Augsburg. Early on in his studies Mr. Wilhelm decides to lay his main focus on criminal law and therefore also works on the mandates concerning international and European criminal law that reach our chancellery. Another field he specialises in is law relating to economic offenses.

Yet, his skills are not reduced to the field of criminal law and he has been working successfully in the field of asylum and alien law.