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28.11.2017 MDR / 16:00 Uhr: Lawyer Dr. Galli on german television at the show „MDR um 4“

Lawyer Dr. Galli Asylum criminal defense


19.11.2017 Wiener Zeitung: Interview with lawyer Dr. Galli: „Es ist ein Unsinn, was da im Gefängnis passiert“


09.11.2017 XING.com: Article by lawyer Dr. Galli: Gefängnisse richten mehr Schaden an, als sie nutzen



09.11.2017 TEDx Talks: Speach by lawyer Dr. Galli: „Das Gefängnis und die Strafe der Zukunft“


02.11.2017 ARD / 21:45 Uhr: Lawyer Dr. Thomas Galli at the tv-show „Monitor“

30.09.2017 – ZDF/ heute.de reports on Elisabeth Galli leaving the political party CDU due to her disagreement with a postulated right-wing political shift of the party

13.10.2017 – ARD/ Brisant air an interview with Dr. Galli trying to find out what is going on in German prisons and addressing current issues in the facilities

15.10.2017 – STERN Crime prints an interview with Dr. Galli reporting on his provocative theses (e.g. to abolish prisons) and his overall critique of the judicial system

05.07.2017 – ZDF/ 22.15 Uhr invites Dr. Galli as an expert to participate in a discussion on reforms of the German judicial system discussion with Prof. Dr. Thomas Fischer, former chief judge at Federal Supreme Court, on reforming German Criminal Law

10.04.2017 – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) prints an interview with Dr. Galli following the publication of his new book “Die Gefährlichkeit des Täters “Die Gefährlichkeit des Täters”:

“Only very few are dangerous …” →more

26.01.2017 – Augsburger Allgemeine prints an article on the end of the “kebab-ban” after Helmut Riedl helped to achieve an important verdict in court