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The chancellery

The chancellery Dr. Galli & Riedl, which was founded by the advocates Dr. Thomas Galli and Helmut Riedl, is located in Augsburg’s city centre near the main station.

We specialise in the fields of asylum law, criminal law and  civil service law.

Our team consist of the senior partners Dr. Thomas Galli and Helmut Riedl and a number of lawyers, legal assistants and student assistants. For further information on the team click here.

Lawyers for Asylum Law, right of residence (AsylG, AufenthG)

  • Asylum law (application for asylum, denegation notice, deportation)
  • Follow-up application
  • A change of domicile 
  • Right of residence
  • Benefits for asylum seekers 
  • Residence permit for partners and children & family reunification
  • Work permit
  • Subsidiary protection
  • Approval of refugees

The rights of refugees and foreign nationals is one of the primary concerns of the chancellery Dr. Galli & Riedl. Helmut Riedel has already been very successful in cases concerning asylum law, alien law and migration law for decades and still upholds his commitment to this section of law.

Unfortunately, experience shows that most applicants for asylum seek legal counselling and representation only after their applications have been rejected by the federal office for migration and refugees (BAMF). In many cases the applications were rejected because crucial pieces of information were not conveyed to the applicant before the hearing. The mostly incomplete and unreliable consultation provided by human traffickers and fellow refugees leads many applicants to say something wrong during their hearing and therefore the application is rejected. Quite understandably, arriving refugees are often traumatised, insecure and intimidated when they face the hearing and even their signature on the court record of this hearing may lessen their chances of a successful application for asylum, because often the records are poorly translated.

Considering all these possible intricacies it would definitely make sense for asylum seekers to turn to a specialised lawyer for their legal advice or their company prior to the hearing. A member of our team will gladly perform these services for anybody affected.

Criminal Law (StGB, BtMG, JGG, StVollzG)

Retrial Imprisonment (remand, preliminary arrest) ●Business law (money laundering, corruption etc.)   ●Criminal law relating to young offenders (JGG) ●Narcotics law (BtMG) ●Capital crime (assault, involuntary manslaughter, manslaughter, murder etc.) ●Property offence (theft, robbery, blackmail, fraud etc.)   ●Cyber crime (copyright violation, filesharing) ●Document fraud Traffic offences (hit-and-run driving, impairing the safety of road traffic)  ●Witness assistance ●Testimony offences ●civil action ●Representation in aummary proceedings

We will gladly plead your case, counsel or advocate you nationwide and make sure your concern in the field of criminal law and criminal law relating to young offenders is dealt with according to the high standards of competence and commitment our chancellery cultivates.

Dr. Thomas Galli has already worked as prison director, administrator and assistant lecturer, teaching criminal law and public service law. His diversified career allowed him to make

many different experiences and gather a comprehensive understanding of system, state and justice. Now Dr. Thomas Galli wants to make use of his experience and his wide set of skills to help you as a lawyer. For Years Dr. Galli has been demanding and proposing reforms of the penal system and has thereby become a prominent figure and expert in media coverage.

Following his work as a prison warden Dr. Thomas Galli has decided to specialise in prison regime (parole, probation, premature discharge etc.) in addition to his specialisation in criminal law. On top of this Dr. Galli also focuses on the legislation on asylum law

Civil Service Law

  • Appointment as a tenured civil servant
  • Professional assessment
  • Official medical examination
  • Disability for service
  • Disciplinary enquiry
  • Layoff
  • Accountability of officials
  • Secondary employment
  • Relocation

Dr. Thomas Galli dealt with civil service law of law during his time as prison warden of two different facilities.