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Unfortunately, experience shows that most applicants for asylum seek legal counselling and representation only after their applications have been rejected by the federal office for migration and refugees (BAMF). In many cases the applications were rejected because crucial pieces of information were not conveyed to the applicant before the hearing. The mostly incomplete and unreliable consultation provided by human traffickers and fellow refugees leads many applicants to say something wrong during their hearing and therefore the application is rejected. Quite understandably, arriving refugees are often traumatised, insecure and intimidated when they face the hearing and even their signature on the court record of this hearing may lessen their chances of a successful application for asylum, because often the records are poorly translated. 

Considering all these possible intricacies it would definitely make sense for asylum seekers to turn to a specialised lawyer for their legal advice or their company prior to the hearing. A member of our team will gladly perform these services for anybody affected.

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