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Dr. Galli & Riedl
L A W Y E R S 

Criminal Law

We help you concerning

  • Imprisonment (remand, preliminary arrest)
  • Business law (money laundering, corruption etc.)
  • Criminal law relating to young offenders (JGG)
  • Narcotics law (BtMG)
  • Capital crime (assault, involuntary manslaughter, manslaughter, murder)
  • Property offence (theft, robbery, blackmail, fraud etc.)
  • Cyber crime (copyright violation, filesharing)
  • Document fraud
  • Traffic offences (hit-and-run driving, impairing the safety of road traffic)
  • Witness assistance
  • Testimony offences

Lawyers Dr. Thomas Galli und Helmut Riedl

Bahnhofstraße 12
86150 Augsburg

+49 821 153974


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